Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Wang, Su Duo Xue, Xiong Yan Li

Abstract: The bolt-ball joints and welded hollow spherical joints are used frequently in the reticulated structures. Many researches on the influence...

Authors: Ke Sheng Ding, Shao Qiang

Abstract: Based on a certain super deep building foundation pit of Tianjin railway station, according to analysis of measured data and numerical...

Authors: Shan Suo Zheng, Zhi Qiang Li, Yi Hu, Qing Lin Tao, Wei He

Abstract: Genetic algorithms (GA) are very effective at finding optimal solutions to a variety of problems. This innovative technique performs...

Authors: Shi Li Hu, Jian Yong Yang, Guan Shi Wang

Abstract: Abstract. The characteristic frequency was generated when blasting seismic wave propagate in rock mass. The characteristic frequency played...

Authors: Dan Dan Kong, Xin Zhao, Mai Wu

Abstract: Long-span hybrid structures have been widely used in recent years. Composition and working mechanism of cable-strut-supported rigid shell...

Authors: Shu Li Wang, Man Gen Mu, Jing Yu Dai, Xiao Huan Hu

Abstract: A parametric study of an foundation on soft soils reinforced with stone columns is performed using Phase2D. The real foundation is modeled...

Authors: Zhen Yuan Hang, Xu Feng Mi

Abstract: Based on the nonlinear finite element software, the mechanical properties of polyurethane filled double skin steel tubular (PFDSST) members...

Authors: Hai Wang Li, Guo Juan Li, Jing Liu

Abstract: The elasto-plastic dynamic response on the steel-pipe arch truss with 120 m span and 0.2 rise-span ratio is analyzed in this paper under...

Authors: Lian Kun Wang

Abstract: The conventional advanced analyses assume the sections to be compact, and do not account for the degradation of the flexural strength caused...

Authors: Qiu Ping Wang, Yan Hua Yu

Abstract: Based on the design of general layout and transportation optimization of a variety of factors, established a program evaluation system, the...


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