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Authors: Shu Ren Wang, Jing Min Yu, Hai Qing Zhang
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:For difficulties and deficiencies for complex geologic body and structural engineering with FLAC3D, the three-dimensional...
Authors: Xi Guang Cui, Hai Dong Xu
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Considering the strain rate then puts forward the modified uniaxial dynamic constitutive model related to strain rate in concrete-filled...
Authors: Xi Kang Yan, Zhan Wei Li, Pei Chen, Jun E Liu
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:In the background of buildings in coastal area being corroded by salt fog, this paper studies 12 beams of different intensity and protective...
Authors: Zhao Hua Jiang, Yong Xing Zhang
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Numerical analysis is effective means to evaluate deep excavation influence in the sensitive environmental condition, and it is key issues to...
Authors: Li Liu, Ji Bin Yi, Fang Wang
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:According to the structural features and actual load carrying status of externally prestressed profiled steel sheet composite slab, in...
Authors: Run Lin Yang, Yuan Li
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Impact damage of building structures occurs frequently nowadays, and failure of key components of the structures may lead to the collapse of...
Authors: Feng Peng Zhang, Zhao Guo Qiu, Han Zhi
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Damages correlation of prestressed concrete beam and its safety evaluation have been studied by finite element method. The influences of...
Authors: Xia Lu
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Based on the analysis of patent protection and strategy of enterprises in Wuhan, this paper, adopting approaches like literature reviewing,...
Authors: Bo Cheng, Qun Ran
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:This paper puts forward a new strengthening method in case of insufficient shear capacity of concrete beam, i.e. it adopts the after- anchor...
Authors: Bai Shou Li, Bin Bo Yang
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:In view of the fact that the Z-shaped reinforced concrete column normal section bearing capacity formula has not been clear about the...
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