Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Yu Zhou, Zhen Bao Li, Er Wei Guo, Jing Zhang

Abstract: Reinforced concrete calculation theories at the present stage are mainly based on experimental results of small size specimens, studies on...

Authors: Shu You Huang, Yu Shan Ren, Jin Guang Zhang, Zhi Gang Yin, Jing Hai Zhou

Abstract: The paper is from studying the flood experiment of the Town Housings’ structure form of the widespread existence,to explore the breakage...

Authors: Jin Zeng Chen, Yan Fei Li, G. H Li

Abstract: Desalination of seawater has played an important role in many arid regions in the world. There are many methods for desalination of...

Authors: Wei Dong Sun, Yong Sha

Abstract: This paper introduces the status quo and development trend of coupling beam structure system at home and abroad, proposes a new type of...

Authors: Xing Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a tangent stiffness matrix of members with end springs of reticulated shell is derived on the basis of Timoshenko’s...

Authors: Yan Yan Li, Pei Lei Li, Xian Rong

Abstract: According to the dual impact of infill wall on the frame structures, the normal infill wall has been improved. In order to investigate the...

Authors: Hao Lu, Qi Cao, Rui Du, De Rong Wang

Abstract: The box structure is a typical underground protective structure, whose mechanical response to explosion seismic is of great interest in...

Authors: Jing Ya Li

Abstract: Based on the study of some post-disaster reconstruction project examples and related policy documents,this article analyses the existing...

Authors: Sheng Gu, Bai Jian Tang, Jian Hua Shao

Abstract: According to the superposition principle of building structure, the lateral deformation mode of pre-stressed mega bracing-steel frame...

Authors: Yong Jiu Shi, Lei Wang, Yuan Qing Wang, Jian Suo Ma, Run Shan Bai

Abstract: The combined connection with welds and bolds has advantages of both welds and bolts connections, and can be widely used in reinforcing the...


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