Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Li, Zhao Kun Pang, Zhao De Zhang

Abstract: An anemometer tower is essential for the construction of an offshore wind farm. A anemometer tower is preliminarily designed in the Bohai...

Authors: Hai Tao Li, Andrew J. Deeks, Li Xin Liu, Xiao Zu Su, Dong Sheng Huang

Abstract: In this paper both a hollow floor and the corresponding solid floor are analysed by using finite element software and the results are...

Authors: Dong Fang Zhang, Jun Hai Zhao, Yu Fen Zhang, Qian Zhu

Abstract: Abstract:According to our team experimental study on the joints for the Multibarrel tube-confined concrete column and the reinforced...

Authors: Xing Ju Wang, Xiao Ming Xi, Gui Feng Gao, Jin Jie Chen

Abstract: This study develops a blocked cost model of urban rail transit, which is applied to determine laying mode of urban rail transit. In...

Authors: Yan Wang, Li Ya Zhang, Shuang Feng, Xiang Gao

Abstract: 14 models of plate-reinforced connections are analyzed by finite element software ANSYS. Failure mode, hysteretic behavior, ductility and...

Authors: Jun Liu, Feng Peng Zhang, Yin Bo Zuo

Abstract: Based on cyclic loading experiment of six beams in the two groups, the relationship among the stirrup stress, initial diagonal crack width...

Authors: Yu Li Dong, Guang Yi Liu, Jun Li Lv

Abstract: The physical explanations both of positive or negative shear lag are given in this paper. The shear lag effects occur attributing to the...

Authors: Guan Rong, Bo Tao Zhang, Xiao Jiang Wang

Abstract: Energy dissipation equation is obtained from the virtual work principle. By assuming different initiative sliding directions, methods of...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Zhang, Nan Gai Yi

Abstract: Low strain ingtegrity testing of pile is based on the one-dimensional wave theory.However, the pulse wave produced by hammer is actually...

Authors: Chao Zhang, Wei Wu, Rong Jun Chen

Abstract: It has studied the characteristics of the work force of the geogrid-reinforced and pile-supported foundation through eight loading model...


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