Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Shan Zhang, Wei Sheng Zhang, Chen Cheng, Lin Yun Sun

Abstract: Bohai Bay is an semi-closed bay, the storm surge disaster is very serious in past. Now more and more large ocean engineering are built here,...

Authors: Hai Yan Lu, Xiao Guo

Abstract: Tall buildings play an important role in the modern urban city, where only a few lands are available for the increasing population. In this...

Authors: Sai Wu, Jun Hai Zhao, Xue Ying Wei

Abstract: This paper based on the unified strength theory, analyzed the ultimate bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete columns combined with FRP...

Authors: Jia Ping Zhang, He Wu, Yu Qin Feng, Guang Yang, Guo Feng Wang, Qi Ge

Abstract: The foundation of slope stability analysis is the data acquisition of the deformation. How to obtain the data detection point directly and...

Authors: Dong Mei Zhao, Ying Xu Zhao, Yan Xia Ye

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of the non-uniformity settlement of ground foundation on the upper frame structure is studied. It takes a...

Authors: Long Qiao, Asad Esmaeily

Abstract: Deterioration of structures due to aging, cumulative crack growth or excessive response significantly affects the performance and safety of...

Authors: Rong Yao, Yun Liang

Abstract: The works is relied on the mass prestressed sewage tank, the tendon loss of prestress is calculated. Value of equivalent load of tensions...

Authors: Mei Fang Luo

Abstract: Concrete admixture is a kind of addition agents, which can improve the performance of concrete. Adding a certain amount of concrete...

Authors: Liang Gong

Abstract: In this paper a simple statically determinate and indeterminate truss structure is chosen as the model for the design of the stadium stand....

Authors: Wen Feng Du, Zhi Yong Zhou, Fu Dong Yu

Abstract: Studies on the static stability and the ultimate bearing capacity of vierendeel latticed shells have been carried out. The buckling modal...


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