Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Xu, Shuai Liu

Abstract: Based on the investigation of end plate and angle of semi-rigid connection in the steel frame of beam-column, an analysis of two connection...

Authors: Xiao Bing Luan, Su Duo Xue, Xiong Yan Li

Abstract: This paper is to analyze the seismic response of the spatial structure supported by the column subjected to the near fault excitation. Three...

Authors: Chang Zhou Dong, Jian Zhong Xia

Abstract: The contrast tests of 1 reinforced concrete(RC) beams and 4 RC beams strengthened with near-surface mounted carbon fiber reinforced polymer...

Authors: Xin Zheng Wang, Jian Jie Chen, Guang Ping Zou, Li Ping

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the special requirements for security for the high-level radioactive waste storage structure, the seismic design...

Authors: Nai Zhi Zhao, Shi Yan, Chang Tie Huang

Abstract: In this paper, a mechanical model for bonded PZT actuator is presented. By analysis (analyzing) and researching principles of the bonded PZT...

Authors: Min Li, Yong Yao, Jion Yang

Abstract: Analysis of wind-induced response of double-layer cylindrical reticulated shell by different methods of calculation . The results showed...

Authors: Zheng Xin Zhang, Fang Lin Huang, Yan Bin Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a method to simulate the mechanical behavior of magnetorheological fluid (MRF) subjected to magnetic field in the...

Authors: Xian Hong Meng, Chao He, Xue Feng Feng

Abstract: Test is mixed with a certain amount of fibers and recycled concrete aggregate made from fiber recycled concrete. Fiber is respectively used...

Authors: Lin Gao, Guo Qiang Xu, Juan Nong Chen

Abstract: In architectural design, the discrimination to the frame short column has two judging criteria: the judging criterion with the shear-span...

Authors: Hua Wang, Hong Guang Ji, Hua Cheng

Abstract: Concrete is a key support material of underground chamber, its stress state is important parameter that can characterize the stability of...


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