Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Tian Wang, Xiang Yang Zou, Shu Fan Wang

Abstract: It is an innovative work to make the electromagnetic damper with strong magnetic material. Firstly, the structural research and the...

Authors: Peng Jiang, Qi Ming Wang, Qing Zhao

Abstract: Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) is designed to be supported by geodesic form cable-net structure which is...

Authors: Xing Ye Chen, Xue Song Tang

Abstract: Abstract. Based on the concept of energy design, pushover analysis and elastoplastic dynamic response have been made under the earthquake....

Authors: Ri Sheng Wang, Kai Shi

Abstract: The paper presents an experimental study on three-dimensional turbulence characteristics of curved channel flow by Doppler meter .Measured...

Authors: Rui Min Mu, Gui Xia Ma, Xia Zhao

Abstract: Lead(Ⅱ) is a typical industrial pollutant which is harmful to people’s health. In this study, a new environmental-friendly material, the...

Authors: Yu Jie Pan, Zhong Rong Lv, Ji Ke Liu

Abstract: Autoregressive (AR) method can provide a simulation of random process with relatively short computational time and acceptable accuracy while...

Authors: Yue Ping Chen, Yuan Qing Wang, Xin Yue Zhao, Yong Jiu Shi, Hui Zhou, Yun Sheng Li

Abstract: As for Beijing South Railway Station, railway track just lies on the roof slab of the basement, in railroad bridge or the railroad station...

Authors: Bo Wang, Mei Rong Jiang, Jian Nan Zhou, Feng Nian Jin

Abstract: Theory equations and specification equations are currently main methods to calculate wall rock pressure. These equations are created in...

Authors: Na Ha, Shen Yuan Fu, Lian Guang Wang

Abstract: The main form of interfacial bond stress between prestressed CFRP sheets and the beams of steel reinforced concrete(SRC) are interfacial...

Authors: Xin Zhao, Dan Dan Kong, Zhi Wei Zhang, Mai Wu

Abstract: In this paper a new type of reinforced concrete four-way rib hollow slab was proposed by the authors first. Further in order to research on...


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