Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Jun Deng, Yong Yao, Dai Guo Chen

Abstract: Abstract: Taking a Practical Big Span Stadium Project as the Background, in View of its Particularity that it Suffered Earthquake Damage and...

Authors: Ji Kui Miao, Zhi Hua Chen

Abstract: This paper studies seismic behavior of concrete-filled square steel tubular column-to-beam connection with through diaphragm, which is...

Authors: Tao Ji, Cai Yi Chen, Yong Bo Chen, Yi Zhou Zhuang

Abstract: The internal relative humidities of concrete using different types of ceramsites with different prewetting degrees were monitored by...

Authors: Er Wei Guo, Zhen Bao Li, Hong Yu Zhou, Xiu Li Du

Abstract: Abstract. Size effect, referring to mechanical properties of materials change with the geometry changes, is the basic characteristic of...

Authors: Deng Jie Wang, Guang Yue Wang

Abstract: The positioning measurement of spatial curved surface steel structure project is a key link in construction process. How to measure position...

Authors: Jing Hai Zhou, Yu Xian Zhang, Xian Hong Meng, Ying Liu

Abstract: In the actual project, many concrete structures not only suffer the loading of static force and the repeated loading but also affected by...

Authors: Chang Ming Bu, Ying Min Li, Oday Asal Salih

Abstract: 2008 Wenchuan earthquake has showed that failure of masonry walls is one of the major causes of material damage and loss of human life due...

Authors: Lu Jun, Jing Li

Abstract: According to the climate feature and the energy-saving requirements of traditional residential in hot- summer and cold -winter zone in...

Authors: Ming Shan Wei, Jin Ji Feng, Hai Cao, Ya Qi Ye

Abstract: The layer structure is a common structural form in the civil air defence. According to the shortage of the structure, a new type of...

Authors: Jie Gao, Peng Zhang, Qiu Yi Li

Abstract: Abstract: Nowadays, a huge amount of concrete has been used as main construction material. This as a consequence will consume a large...


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