Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yu Miao, She Liang Wang, Yu Jiang Fan

Abstract: Reinforced concrete structures are prone to damage during their service lifetime caused by factors such as the effect of overload, ground...

Authors: Yi Fei Yan

Abstract: The study is about submarine pipeline. Considering the impact of different axial force, The reduced velocity is introduced as the pipeline...

Authors: Hong Dai, Shi Lin Zhang, Tao Fan, Hai Jun Sun, Zhong Hua Gu

Abstract: This paper focus on the application study of HPC, and both of HPC and normal concrete (NC) were adopted for comparison in the Yu-Cheng...

Authors: Shang Yu Yang, Xiu Juan Yang, Xiang Zhen Yan

Abstract: The deep drill string is subjected to many kinds of loading under the condition of vibration and precession, such as tension, compression,...

Authors: Shi Bin Li, Hong Wei Tang, Xin Wang

Abstract: Reinforced concrete (RC) structures are widely used in civil engineering for their merits. A good-quality concrete provides a highly...

Authors: Bing Shao, Xiang Zhen Yan, Xiu Juan Yang

Abstract: Local thinning of submarine pipeline always exists due to the complexity and dynamic of marine environment loads. However, the location and...

Authors: Qing Yu Cao, Wei Sun, Li Ping Guo

Abstract: In this paper, high-performance concrete (HPC) incorporated organic fibers, i.e., polyvinyl alcohol fiber (PVA fiber), polypropylene fiber...

Authors: Xiao Ming Jiang, Wang Sheng Liu

Abstract: The life of the hydraulic pump is affected by many factors. According to the statistical information of failure of the main hydraulic pump...

Authors: Fatimah De’nan, Nor Salwani Hashim

Abstract: A triangular web profile (TRIWP) steel section is a built-up section made up of two flanges connected to a web plate of...

Authors: Ying Min Li, Lu Wang, Li Ping Liu

Abstract: Based on the test and numerical analysis, the paper studied the constructional reinforcement of blast furnace foundation under the influence...


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