Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Chen Xue, Yong Sheng Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the contents, meaning and importance of conceptual design in the high-rise building structure design are explored from the...

Authors: Jin Hui Liu, Wan Tao Ding, Yu Ping Liu

Abstract: Based on the tri-axial tests, the stress-strain relationship and strength properties of reinforced expensive soils are studied to get the...

Authors: Yan Chu, Jing Qing Lv, Tong Zhou

Abstract: The paper summarizes seven typical moods of the application of glass as a performance material in architecture designing with examples. It...

Authors: Yun Feng Huang

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to solve issues in current hospital such as complex process, large time-consumption and monotony of space...

Authors: Cong Huai Xu, Jie Xiong, Shu Chen Xu

Abstract: This paper, with a view to solve the main problems of the development of China's current green buildings , proposed a new concept :...

Authors: Jun Zhang, Shu Qun Lu, Yuan Yuan

Abstract: The gear pump-motor unity machine, which was composed of the planetary gear pump and multiple gear variable-displacement motor was designed...

Authors: Cheng Chen, Yong Bo Shao, Jie Yang

Abstract: The static strength of circular hollow section (CHS) T-joint reinforced with FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) is studied through the...

Authors: Ji Peng

Abstract: In this paper, a theater design tool, “Auto-theater”, tentatively made by the author is proposed to improve the theater design based on the...

Authors: Xiao Yu Miao, She Liang Wang, Yu Jiang Fan

Abstract: Shape memory alloy (SMA) is provided with preferable damp capacity at pseudo-elasticity state, applying this property, a SMA re-centring...

Authors: Yan Yan Cheng, Yang Su

Abstract: Through the discourse about basic concepts, principles and methods of vernacular ecological architecture, construct a basic theoretical...


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