Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ao Jie Wang, Chao Lue Liu

Abstract: A evaluation model based on the integration of analytic hierarchy process(AHP)-rough set theory (RS) and radial basic function (RBF) neural...

Authors: Qing Fei Tian, Shu Zhi Zhao, Yang Cao

Abstract: In order to seek the distribution rule of station passenger flow and discuss research methods of public transport based on station,...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Wang, Han Yang, Yun Bo Chang, Peng Wang

Abstract: Research on the division of the overlying rock roof of stope has great significance. The existing classification method is based on the...

Authors: Xiu Ling Li, Min Luo

Abstract: The tensile strength and ductility of normal concrete are dissatisfactory and these lead to some durability problems for reinforced concrete...

Authors: Jiu Hong Zhang, Na Wang, Xu Guo

Abstract: Research on multiple settlements in Shenyang and the residential areas and ecological areas of Shenyang Jianzhu University, testing the...

Authors: Xing Jun Qi, Yi Liu, Chun Hui Zhang

Abstract: Under earthquake action there are irregular rotating displacements in the curved girder bridge, and the effective seismic mitigation method...

Authors: Yong He Deng

Abstract: .It is availability to improve GM(1,1) forecasting precision based on the combination of GM(1,1) model and linear regression.But,it is no...

Authors: Yun Peng Hu

Abstract: The construction contracts are the important basis of the project risk management and a reasonable contract system can effectively share...

Authors: Qing Cun Chen

Abstract: For the stability of scaffold commonly used in civil engineering, the continuous compressing bar calculation method with multi elastic...

Authors: Ru Xue, Juan Hu

Abstract: Because of the Dynamic Drainage Consolidation method’s complexity, the dynamic characteristics of soft soil is not be described by...


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