Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Jun Wang, Zhi Cheng Xue, Zi Qian Han

Abstract: By the study of construction of casting box girder of Songpu Bridge in Harbin, and the actual site geology, hydrology and the corresponding...

Authors: Yan Hai Yang, Huai Zhi Zhang, Bo Wang

Abstract: Based on the monitoring data of pavement performances and traffic volume from the China key projects, the expressways from Shenyang to...

Authors: Zhong Xu, Xiao Qing Fan, Tao Fan, Yong Tao Gao

Abstract: Architectural physical environment is the most important determined elements of people comfortably using architectural space. This paper...

Authors: Yun Fang Meng, Qing He Sun, Rui Ting Ma

Abstract: Abstract. This research was to enhance strength and durability of concrete in both design and construction with gangue. Particularly, the...

Authors: Xue Jun Zhou, Ting Zhang

Abstract: The theoretical formula is proposed for cross section’s bending capacity of simply-supported U-section steel-encased concrete composite...

Authors: Bao Fu Duan, Hong Chun Li, Yu Kun Zhang, Meng Zhang, Lei Li

Abstract: Abstract. Based on the monitored surrounding rock displacement and the settlement of ground surface and structures of No.7381 tunnel in...

Authors: Yu Xue Li, Qing Shan Yang, Yu Ji Tian

Abstract: Based on strain energy equivalent, the background response equivalent static wind load of large span roof is derived. It solves the matter...

Authors: Chang Ming Ji, Zhe Yi Pei, Yan Ke Zhang, Ting Zhou

Abstract: The operation of the Three Gorges power station is of the most complex feature in China and even in the world, for it involves many factors...

Authors: Chun Mei Zhu, You Zhi Wang, Bin Yan, Hong Wei Gao

Abstract: Access to the internal concrete temperature of the instantaneous temperature field and the strength of the field Real-time monitoring ,...

Authors: Xiao Bing Sun, Xu Bin Qiao

Abstract: As the largest unit capacity of nuclear power plant at present, the flow conduit of circulating water pump in EPR1750 nuclear power plant is...


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