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Authors: Jin Zuo, Xiao Li He

Abstract: Since the beginning of the 21st century, large-scale extensive expansion of suburb new campus construction has been a kind of abnormal...

Authors: Zhi Feng Hu

Abstract: Since the begin of the 21st century, with the city construction scale expanding constantly, huge underground space has been an important...

Authors: Ping Yao

Abstract: The combination of the Contrary Space Sequence is the rule of the composition of landscape space which the majority historical towns...

Authors: Qiu Ping Wang, Yang Bai, Qi Zhang, Lei Juan Wang, Ting Ting Liu

Abstract: There are many problems caused by the unreasonable vertical pipeline planning and design in urban underground pipeline projects. This paper...

Authors: Yu Hui, Qiu Jian

Abstract: Wenchuan earthquake caused the heavy losses in relation to a number of valuable historical and cultural cities in the disaster areas. A...

Authors: Ying Li, Ting Ting Guo, Pan Pan Li

Abstract: The conception and calculation of ecological footprint model were concluded. On this basis, the key issue of ecological footprint's...

Authors: Lin Shen Wang, Yun Yuan, Ming Hu, Kun Pan, Jian Bo Ni, Qiang Liu

Abstract: The government want construct garbage transfer station near one residential area, they had to stop construct since the residents resisted,...

Authors: Hui Min Li, Yan Ming Jin

Abstract: In order to evaluate landscape of the urban comprehensive park scientifically, landscape elements of the comprehensive park were analyzed by...

Authors: Ping Su

Abstract: From the case study of Nanwan village which is one of the typical samples of Lingnan ancient villages in Guangzhou, the article summarize...

Authors: Jian He Shi

Abstract: In this paper, a town planner currently acts the role of chaos and disorder, classificatory the type of the planners scientific. To planners...


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