Architecture and Building Materials

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Authors: Yan Yue, Peng Dai

Abstract: The city is a "stone of the history books", in addition to text; the urban construction is the most important material witness, the...

Authors: Ming Ying Zeng, Qing Song Xian

Abstract: According to Mianyang’s 11th five-year planning outline, Xianhai Lake (the national –level water conservancy scenic spot )should take full...

Authors: Hui Feng Qi, Dong Chen

Abstract: Automobile Trade Logistics Park is one of the most important industrial zones for specific automobile trade and distribution in auto...

Authors: M. R. Sadeghi Moghaddam, Amir Yavari, F Ghariblu, Y Anbari

Abstract: Planning, investment and city management have been surprisingly become so complex and difficult because of the massive growth of cities and...

Authors: Ming Hua Huang, Xin Wu, Xiao Nan Shi

Abstract: In this article, writers analysed the current situation of sports facilities development in 9 counties governed by Ankang City, deeply...

Authors: Jing Bi, Yao Zhi Huang

Abstract: The inherent mechanism of the land value increment and the system of the revenue distribution, have become the focus to the academic and...

Authors: Ya Zhang, You Liang Mao

Abstract: Coming up with the idea of low-carbon economy, numerous studies both at home and abroad on carbon emissions have emerged, nonetheless of...

Authors: Hong Lin Liu

Abstract: Through investigating the characteristic of regional cultural landscape of leisure agricultural garden around Kunming city, seven landscape...

Authors: Nai Ling Jin

Abstract: The Urban spatial pattern is an important characteristic of a city. In this article, the burning social problem of urban identity crisis is...

Authors: Da Peng Liu, Hong Wei Wang

Abstract: Mongolian and Yuan culture is the culture system which is interactive with original nomadic culture and ZhongYuan farming culture forming,...


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