Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Wang

Abstract: As the British has a cold and rainy climate, which is variability, its relatively high energy efficiency standards has been set up. Energy...

Authors: Fu Liang Mei, Gui Ling Li

Abstract: In this dissertation, the mathematical models of thermal conduction procedure and thermal deformation for an insulated composite wall are...

Authors: Shun Bo Zhao, Su Yang, Li Sha Song, Li Sun, Chen Xiao Song

Abstract: The paper briefly introduces the form and construction method of a new reinforced concrete composite wall (RCCW) with inner insulating layer...

Authors: Zheng Bo Mo, Song Tao Hu, Li Yan Gao

Abstract: Briefly outlines current situation of building energy consumption in China. On this basis, lists the efficiency measures of building energy...

Authors: Zhi Zhen Zhang, Feng Gao, Yang Cui, Xiao Ji Shang

Abstract: In order to research the crack initiation and propagation behavior in rock mass under coupled static and dynamic loads, the crack initiation...

Authors: Tie Quan Ni, Li Zhang, Bing Yuan

Abstract: The influence of wollastonite or plant fiber on the property of autoclaved cement concrete is studied by chemical composition analysis,...

Authors: Li Peng Cai, Li Guo

Abstract: The paper using different strength cement mixture of cement paste, cement mortar and cement concrete, to which adding single plasticizer and...

Authors: Ying Su, Wan Fa Zhu, Wen Ding, Xing Yang He

Abstract: A series of mineral admixture slurry with different fineness was manufactured by means of wet-milling with stirring mill. The effect of...

Authors: Ming Li Cao, Hang Yao, Shi Cai Cui

Abstract: CaCO3 whiskers were incorporated into the cement mortar in this study and the effects of whiskers on the impact resistance of...

Authors: Wen Ten Kuo, Chih Chien Liu, Wei Chien Wang

Abstract: This study used Type I Portland cement with Na2Oeq of 0.67% to fabricate a mortar specimen with w/c ratio of 0.5 and a dimension of φ10  3...


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