Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Tang Zhang, Kang Ning Gao, Xiao Chen Zhou, Hong Li Wang

Abstract: There is a close relationship between the gas permeability of modern high strength concrete and the concrete durability. Through the...

Authors: Ming Ru Zhou, Hao Jie Zhang, Ying He, Zhao Feng Ding, Xing Zhou Luo

Abstract: Combining with a large number of concrete test and the moving reconstruction project of Qingyang petrochemical about three million tons, by...

Authors: Jing Liu, Xing Jun Lv, Ming Li Cao, Shi Cai Cui

Abstract: Because of its poor pozzolan property in tests, the pumice was unsuitable to be used as the cement admixture, which could reduce the...

Authors: Yun Bo Lei, Xue Juan Cao

Abstract: The addition of fiber into concrete can not only suppress the interior shrinkage strain and decrease the thermal dilation coefficient (TDC)...

Authors: Bin Jia, Zheng Liang Li, Jun Lin Tao, Chun Tao Zhang

Abstract: Based on the test by the split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB), in this papaer the research on the dynamic mechanical properties of concrete...

Authors: Guo Qiang Xu, Lin Gao, Hai Xia Wang

Abstract: This paper adopted combined admixture of limestone powder and substandard fly ash to prepare the machine-made sand concrete, and studied its...

Authors: Ming Gao Zhang, Heng Bin Wu, Ze Ping He, Ting Qiang Zhou

Abstract: Tunnel mechanics mainly depend on joints properties in layered and jointed rock mass, and most of the present methods adopted in numerical...

Authors: Li Jun Yang

Abstract: Part of Xiping railway south cave temple bridge segments are on easement curve. considering the project time limit and construction...

Authors: Qing Yu Wang

Abstract: The work of energy saving in the Institution of higher learning was analyzed in the research, and the problems facing higher education on...

Authors: Li Mei Wang, Jun Liang

Abstract: Through experiments, in concrete reasonable use efficient jianshuiji, fly ash and slag powders and adding mixed materials thereof after the...


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