Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Fen Shao, Rui Jie Zheng

Abstract: This paper establishes the prestressed wind power tower model and studies on large wind power tower structure concept optimization for wind...

Authors: Shu Kui Zhou, Guang Ming Zeng, Ying Jiu Liu

Abstract: U(VI) of the acid leaching uranium-containing wastewater was adsorbed by modified CMC polymer. The result showed that the grafting rate was...

Authors: Dong Xing Wang, Hong Xing Wang, Wen Zhao Chen

Abstract: Solidified dredged materials as environment-friendly materials in construction domain are increasingly popular because of their better...

Authors: Guo Rong Duan, Guo Hong Huang, Xin Wang, Ying Gong

Abstract: Comb-shaped hyper-branched polycarboxylate polymers, both water-reducing-type admixtures (applied in cement, symbol of JS) and...

Authors: Zhan Li Jiao, Chun Xia Jiang

Abstract: Due to the special chemical and physical properties of the LNG, there are some safety risks in LNG transportation. Maritime transportation...

Authors: Hong Xiang Tang, Yu Hui Guan

Abstract: In the present work, the Cosserat micro-polar continuum theory is introduced into the FEM numerical model, which is used to simulate the...

Authors: Yun Zhang, Xiao Fei Li, Wen Xuan Yin

Abstract: The condition of preparing α-hemi hydrate gypsum from FGD gypsum at atmospheric pressure is easy to achieve. It acquires atmospheric...

Authors: Zhen Dong Qian, Ya Qi Wang, Xin Song

Abstract: One of the important methods to ensure the durability of cement concrete pavement is utilizing excellent waterproof bond layer. Firstly,...

Authors: Wei Dong Cao, Shu Tang Liu, Xin Zhuang Cui, Xiao Qing Yu

Abstract: Effects of crumb rubber of different particle sizes (20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 80mesh and120mesh) and contents (10%, 15% and 20% by weight of...

Authors: Xue Ying Li, En Zu Zheng, Chun Long Ma

Abstract: The compressive strength of geopolymer prepared from a class C fly ash (CFA) at different curing conditions and mass ratio of water to fly...


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