Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Ping Dai, Cheng Zhao, Chun Feng Zhao

Abstract: As it ignorance the effect of intermediate principal stress, traditional Duncan - Chang model has limitation when applied into geotechnical...

Authors: Chun Hong Hu, Tie Jun Zhao, Tao Rong

Abstract: Strain Hardening Cementitious Composites (SHCC) varied with mixture proportion was preparated with normal engineering materials in our area,...

Authors: Zheng Wen Huang, Rong Su, Bo Yu, Jun Sun

Abstract: Sulfuric acid residue is one kind of important secondary resource, its comprehensive utilization has drawn extensive attention. Based on...

Authors: Chang Wu Liu, Shu Xin Liu, Yu Hang Xu

Abstract: The physical simulation test of similar material is one of the most common research techniques in the geotechnical domain. Because the...

Authors: Ji Hui Wang, Shu Ping Ren, Meng Long Zhang, Fei Dong

Abstract: Diatomite/polyacrylic acid composite was synthesized by using inverse suspending polymerization method under different diatomite content,...

Authors: Rui Zhen Yan, Hong Xiu Du, Hui Fang Wang, Yan Wang

Abstract: An experimental research was performed on the compressive strength and splitting tensile strength for HSC with various polypropylene(PP)...

Authors: Yi Jin Li, Yun Li Gong

Abstract: The development of water based capillary inorganic water proofer is discussed in this paper. By practical engineering application research,...

Authors: Xi Yuan Wang, Xiang Wu, Ying Jie Li

Abstract: This paper proposes a view to develop energy-conserving construction products made from synthetic material of wollastonite by means of...

Authors: Hong Tao Liu, De Kun Zhang, Shou Fan Cao, Yan Shen, Xing Hui Hou, Lin Min Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the fretting corrosion wear behaviors of steel wires were researched when the wires were lubricated with alkaline solution....

Authors: Li Zhang, Si Chu Gong, Xu Dong Ma

Abstract: A law on the cumulative damage is presented basing on total strain energy induced as damage parameter to calculate the cumulative damage...


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