Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Qing Luo, Wei Min Li, Karen C. Hanna

Abstract: Density should impact sustainable transportation but its exact role is still under discussion due to various interpretations and...

Authors: Guo Zhong Wu, Yan Zhao, Jing Wang, Dong Li

Abstract: The two-dimensional unsteady heat transfer models of common roof, insulation roof and phase change roof were established, and the thermal...

Authors: Dong Lin, Zi Yun Wen

Abstract: In order to discuss the action mechanism of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) polymers in high performance cement-based composites(HPCBC), the effect...

Authors: Qing Yuan Li

Abstract: Combined with the Engineering environment and the requirements of construction of the deep foundation of metro station of South Gate in...

Authors: Peng Qi, Zhi Rong Mei

Abstract: Gas permeability mechanism for the laminated salt rock gas storage is very complex. The key problem is to establish the permeability model...

Authors: Kuo Shun Sun, Ching Tsung Hung

Abstract: The analysis for occupational stress of source has gathered great importance in recent year. Using traditional factor analysis to divide...

Authors: Habulat Afifudin, Mohd Saman Hamidah, Hussain Noor Hana, Kartini Kamaruddin

Abstract: Microorganism is an unique living element and has the ability to precipitate minerals through the process of biomineralisation. The...

Authors: Yuan Hai Li, Ping Liu, Ji Qiang Liu, Xue Feng Han

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the stability and safety problems of braced excavation enclosure, surrounding strata and side...

Authors: Hong Xia Qiao, Long Hua, Zhong Mao He, Jin Mei Dong

Abstract: This paper researches the green six hole brick with crushing autoclaved aerated concrete block and fly ash as the main raw material, and...

Authors: Lu Shuang Wei, Kai Sun, Jun Hong Zhang, Qun Wei

Abstract: As a powerful 3D design software, 3DS MAX are usually used only as a manual drawing and modeling tool, not many designers use MaxScript...


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