Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Jun Liu, Su Xia Zhang, Long Xu Xu, Shu Jun Hou, Bing Huo

Abstract: in this paper, super low noise mining system is analyzed with dynamics model, every constructional element is studied with analysis of...

Authors: Hong Xiu Du, Yi Xiao Qin, Wei Zhang, Ning Zhang, Xiao Yu Hao

Abstract: The mechanics properties of HPC mixing different dosage and length of polypropylene fiber were investigated in this study. The results...

Authors: Shi Lun Feng, Hai Feng Jin, Jun Li, Pu Lin Li

Abstract: Excavation of the soil is actually the unloading process. The unloading process of soil makes the soil uplift, and the soil uplift is...

Authors: Ling Sun, Hui Guan, Qi Ge

Abstract: In this study, by the way of adding functional carbon nanotubes into the SBS modified rubber powder to obtain a new type of composite...

Authors: Jian Wei Huang

Abstract: This paper presents the study on GFRP bar reinforced concrete bridge deck that is designed as typical one-way concrete slab. Parametric...

Authors: Jian Wei Huang

Abstract: This paper presents the investigation of sustained stress level in GFRP bar used as main reinforcement in typical reinforced concrete bridge...

Authors: Yu Xue Li, Qing Shan Yang, Yu Ji Tian

Abstract: According to the strain energy equivalent, the resonant response equivalent static wind load of large span roof is derived. It solves the...

Authors: Chang Ming Liu, Zhong Qiang Wang

Abstract: Abstract. How to evaluate the follow-up effect of the high-speed development of the Chinese real estate is a topic that has drawn the...

Authors: Yi Jin Li, Yun Li Gong, Jian Yin

Abstract: This paper presents the influence of ultra-fine fly ash on the strength development and durability characteristics of high performance road...

Authors: Xiao Yan Jiang, Jian Guo Wang, Hai Ying Wan

Abstract: According to the time-varying analysis theory of large-span structure hoisting, the structure transformation matrix around three-dimensional...


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