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Authors: Neela Deshpande, S.S Kulkarni
Chapter 6: Advanced Construction Materials
Abstract:One of the construction sector's major contributions to the preservation of the Environment and sustainable development is the reuse and...
Authors: Arnold Wang, Li Yang Cheng, Zhi Hao Chu, Meng Da Wu
Chapter 7: Other Related Topics
Abstract:How to reconstruction traffic accident promptly and precisely is stakeholder’s goal. However, most traffic accident data records are...
Authors: Wei An Meng, Mutellip Ahmat, Nijat Yusup, Asiye Shavkat
Chapter 7: Other Related Topics
Abstract:Based on the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) theory and numerical simulation methods, the seal cavity flow field for the bellows...
Authors: Xi Shi Tai
Chapter 7: Other Related Topics
Abstract:In order to investigate the novel preparation methods of calcium (II) sulphate crystal whisker materials, an anhydrous calcium (II) sulphate...
Authors: Xiang Wu Meng, Ming Hui Ye, Han Zhang, Qi Zhou
Chapter 7: Other Related Topics
Abstract:For thousands of years, Lanzhou city has long history and bright culture, and has numerous historic buildings and cultural relics. But with...
Authors: Bing Li
Chapter 7: Other Related Topics
Abstract:Funeral building environment is part of the ecological system, it undertakes important duties like human burial, urban cultural landscape and...
Authors: Min Wang, Qiong Liu, Hai Yan Luan
Chapter 7: Other Related Topics
Abstract:Bismuth vanadate (BiVO4) powders were synthesized by complexing Sol-Gel method using citric acid as chelate,calcined at different temperature...
Authors: Jian Liang Gao, Yu Wang
Chapter 7: Other Related Topics
Abstract:The drilling cutting gas desorption index △h2 is one of the most important indexes for the prediction of coal and gas outburst....
Authors: Xian Guo Deng, Gui Hong Pei, Zi Tian Zheng
Chapter 7: Other Related Topics
Abstract:Aiming at the situation that surveyors are difficult to determinate the additive constant and unable to set corresponding constant of the...
Authors: Jin Sheng Zhou, Jian Ying Niu, Rui Bing Zhu, Yu Ying Yao
Chapter 7: Other Related Topics
Abstract:The paper firstly introduces mining remote sensing monitoring and the specific implementation situation briefly, and then points out the...
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