Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shang Jian Chen, Jian Cai, Bing Xiong, Wei Li

Abstract: the concrete prestress truss to detect has been built for 47 years,because of function transfo- rmation ,the load increases,it’s necessary...

Authors: Xiang Feng Jia, Xing Wang Shi, Yong Shan Ma

Abstract: DLS measurements and TEM observations show that the size of the shells grows linearly with the inverse of the dielectric constant of the...

Authors: Gang Wei, Qi Gang Guo, Jie Hong

Abstract: Considering the interaction of building-soil-tunnel, the grillage beams foundation frame building vertical crossed by Double-Line (DL)...

Authors: Xiong Zhou Yuan, Wei Sun, Xiao Bao Zuo

Abstract: Based on detailed consideration of the autonomic healing concept of microencapsulated healing agent, micro- bacteria induced calcite and...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Cao, Sheng Rong Liu, Xue Min Huang

Abstract: Experimental investigations using granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption and then desorpted with microwave irradiation for toluene...

Authors: Xiang Rong Meng, Xiao Ming Dong, Xiu Shan Wang

Abstract: Through experiments and numerical analysis of water permeability and mechanical properties of the ATPB drainage layer, this research finds...

Authors: Shang Wei Liu, Qun Wei, Hua Jiang, Sheng Ji Li

Abstract: This thesis aims to create and develop an integrated operating system platform by using programming languages, which has comprehends virtual...

Authors: Fang Yuan, Cheng Ying Dong, Yao Hui Song, Song Song Zhang

Abstract: The scale model of squat silo in large diameter was established with Particle Flow Code (PFC3D) in this paper. This scale model uses the...

Authors: Chao Lung Hwang, Fransiscus Mintar Ferry Sihotang, Le Anh Tuan Bui, Chun Tsun Chen

Abstract: Green concrete is a concrete that supports the content of CO2 emissions reductions by using waste industries as cement replacement. The...

Authors: Mao Quan Xue

Abstract: As new building materials, plastic has light weigh, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, waterproof,...


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