Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Yang, Shi Min Li, Dai Heng Chen, Zhi Min Wu

Abstract: This paper bases on the prototype of the actual shed tunnel structure, study on contact force, displacement, damage, energy of shed tunnel...

Authors: Lan Fang Zhang, Rui Yan Wang

Abstract: High-performance concrete was made with fly ash and polypropylene fiber, the study shows that when fly ash content was 20% and polypropylene...

Authors: Xiao Dong Liu, Xian Jun Lu

Abstract: In this article we collected bentonite samples from cities including Weifang, Laiyang and Laixi in Shandong province of China and tested...

Authors: Nian Feng Han, De Jie Zhou, Xin De Tang

Abstract: Composite modified asphalts with nano calcium carbonate (nano CaCO3)/ SBS and nano montmorillonite (nano MMT)/SBS were prepared respectively...

Authors: Hai Xia Zhang, Guang Li Meng, Yue Jing Lv

Abstract: It is serious problem of the deficiency of high quality embankment filling in the expressway construction in shanghai, the Yangtze estuary...

Authors: Wan Zhi Cao, Hong Zhen Wang, Qing Xia Sun

Abstract: To achieve national five climate partition 3 Step in building energy-saving target of 65% by a single product realization, it is to say that...

Authors: Chun Xia Hu, Gai Lian Li, Yang Shi

Abstract: The crystallization kinetics of Cu47.5Zr47.5Al5 BMG was studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) using the mode of continuous...

Authors: Ji Duo Jin, Ning Li, Zhao Hong Qin

Abstract: The nonlinear dynamics are studied for a supported cylinder subjected to axial flow. A nonlinear model is presented for dynamics of the...

Authors: Gui Qing Gao

Abstract: The Southern source water carries such characteristics as high algae, low turbidity and micro-polluted. In order to make flotation better...

Authors: Chun Xiao Bao, Hong Hao, Zhong Xian Li

Abstract: Pipelines are regarded as the most cost-effective and the safest choice for transporting oil in bulk. In this study, the significance and...


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