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Authors: Xiang Tian Chen, Ye Han, Shu Yu Yao, Wei Wei Zhang, Yun Sui Yao, Zong Feng Wang
Abstract: A new glass-ceramic coating material on nickel based super alloy substrate had been found, the glass¬-ceramic coating material was developed from a glass based on MgO–Al2O3–TiO2 system. The coating material was characterized through X-ray diffractometry (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), hardness, thermal expansion coefficient testing. XRD analysis of the coating materials and the resultant coatings showed presence of a number of microcrystalline phases. SEM micrographs indicated microstructure of the material. Optical micrographs showed smooth glossy impervious free surface with defects. Hardness analysis showed the glass-ceramic coating material had higher microhardness. The thermal expansion coefficient of the nimonic alloy was much higher compared to the coating material at specific temperature.
Authors: De Jie Zhou, Nian Feng Han, Xin De Tang
Abstract: The polystyrene modified organophilic montmorillonite clays (PS-OMMT) were preparation through intercalating styrene monomer into the layer of OMMT by in-situ polymerization. Composite modified asphalts with PS-OMMT and SBS were prepared by melt blending. Results showed the interlayer spacing of OMMT was increased by the intercalated polymerization reaction of styrene. The modified OMMT and SBS homogeneously disperse in the base asphalt, which lead to an improvement in terms of toughness, strength, and thermal stability. Impact of the PS-OMMT on the properties of SBS modified asphalt appears as a decreasing penetration, an increasing softening point, and a decreasing ductility. Compared with that of SBS modified asphalt, the anti-aging property of PS-OMMT /SBS modified asphalt was greatly improved.
Authors: Xiao Lin Weng, Liu Jun Zhang, Wei Wang
Abstract: A centrifugal earth structure deformation test system has been developed to study the mechanism and pattern of subgrade damage as caused by water wetting to the widened roads in collapsible loess areas. It incorporates an upgraded electric sensor logging system and a centrifugal field image pickup system and provides a centrifuge model test platform for both the new road and the original road that are subject to water wetting and infiltration. A centrifuge test model on which actual stress distribution can be simulated was set up to study the forms of water damage to the widened subgrade. In the same time, special research was conducted with regard to the working mechanism of geogrid in the splice between the new road and the old, as well as the effect of dynamic compaction on loess foundation. It indicates that high water content in the toe of slope of a widened road could significantly influence the stability of subgrade. Local instability in loess foundation, as caused by the presence of high level of underground water especially after a heavy rain, could be a great threat to the integrity and safety of the subgrade on top of it. In this case the loess foundation, which is locally wetted and softened by water, would undergo a reduction in shearing strength and gradually lose its stability under the load of subgrade, that eventually results in the sliding or separation between the new subgrade and the old. The reinforced materials used in the splice can enhance soil hardening and help establish soil arching effect under which the settlement of subgrade is well controlled.
Authors: Li Zheng, Zhi Ge, Zhan Yong Yao, Ren Juan Sun, Jun Gui Dong
Abstract: This paper studied the splitting tensile strength of concrete containing partial clay-brick-powder. Four variables, water to cementitious material ratio (W/CM), sand ratio, cement replacement ratio, and the average particle size of clay-brick-powder were determined to analyze the affected factors on the properties of the concrete. The orthogonal experimental design table L16 (45) was adopted to study the significance sequence of the variables. Total 17 type mixes, including one normal cement concrete as reference, were tested. Experiment results showed that recycled clay-brick-powder could be used as partial replacement of cement in concrete. The splitting tensile strength of samples with clay-brick-powder ranged from 2 to 4MPa.
Authors: Xiao Rong Yang, Xue Jing Shen, Min Zhong, Jiao Xia Lan
Abstract: According to the characteristic of poor stiffness of V-shaped beams, transverse dynamic instability model of V-shaped is presented by Catastrophe Theory. Mechanism of stability of V-shaped is analyzed. Coordinates of two cusps and instable bifurcation set is derived. Effect of nonlinear coefficient and frequency ratio on amplitude of V-shaped beams are analyzed. When nonlinear coefficient is , continuous change of can arise abrupt change of amplitude. Then the jumping phenomenon can leads destruction of V-shaped beams.
Authors: Chun Ping Tang
Abstract: Aiming at the characteristics of phosphate repairing materials, the influences of retarder, specific surface area of magnesium oxide and content of fly ash on the dry-shrinkage performance of phosphate cement were studied in this paper. The results showed that greater content of retarder would result in greater dry-shrinkage value within a certain range, greater specific area of magnesium oxide would result in greater dry-shrinkage value while the increase of content of fly ash would cause the dry-shrinkage value to be decreased correspondingly within a certain range.
Authors: Yue Wang, Xiao Fei Tang
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to explore the effect of the perceived goal interdependence between distributors with suppliers on e-commerce channel relationships. With the help of interdependence theory, the conceptual model of goal interdependence and distributor interests was developed. Cooperative goals, competitive goals and independent goals were used to explain the outcome variable, economic satisfaction and occupational well-being. The moderating effects of three variables were considered: commitment, trust and specific investments. The hypotheses were tested through a sample survey among more than 1,000 computer distributors in Chengdu, China. Results indicate that distributor cooperative goals positively influence distributor commitment, trust and specific investments, sequentially increases distributor economic satisfaction and occupational well-being. Results are interpreted that distributor cooperative goals is an important contributors for developing successful e-commerce channel relationships.
Authors: Jian Zhang, Qun Yin
Abstract: A representative inland bulk carrier of 57m long and single-bottom and double-side is analyzed in this paper.Transverse strength of the ship is calculated directly using FEM (Finite Element Method) because of the problem that the length of hatch exceeds requirements in Rules for Building Steel Inland Vessels (2009) .The results show that transverse strength of the ship meets the requirements of structural stress in the rules which provides references for rules revision and structural design of such ships.
Authors: You Zhu Li, De Hua He
Abstract: In the study, electronic market credit risk evaluation for agricultural products based on analytic hierarchy process is proposed.Firstly, the evaluation indexes are analyzed and the hierarchic tree is formulated based on the evaluation indexes.Then, pairwise comparison matrix is established,and the consistency of discriminant matrix is judged.When the consistency of discriminant matrix is satisfied,the weight vector of the indexes which are used to establish the pairwise comparison matrix are obtained. And weight of each index is obtained.Finally,final decision making is obtained. The experimental results show that the evaluation of electronic market credit risk evaluation for agricultural products based on analytic hierarchy process is effective.
Authors: Neng Jun Jiang, Ya Ling Peng, Fang Liang Wu
Abstract: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was used to study the force direction and magnitude of 2D journal bearing and tapered gap, also the load of 3D journal bearing at different eccentric ratio was studied using numerical method. All numerical simulation results were compared with theoretical analysis result, theoretical solution result and other available data from reference. The comparisons show good match between numerical simulation results and others. This paper had validated the reliability and accuracy of CFD which could be used to study the lubrication and oil film status for journal bearing with the gap less than 0.2mm and provide a sold foundation for CFD to be used for optimal design for journal bearing.

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