Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Dong, De Ping Chen, Ju Mei Zhao, De Shan Shan, Xin Yue Liu, Gang Liu

Abstract: Twelve PVC tubed short concrete columns and four columns without PVC tube confined were tested under axial load to investigate mechanical...

Authors: Hong Zhu Quan, Hideo Kasami

Abstract: This paper presents the results of experimental study on the effects of addition of excessive volume of fly ash on the strength...

Authors: Qiao Ling Liu, Xu Zhang, Li Na Xu, Li Qun Jia

Abstract: For calcium leaching and loaded concrete in engineering structures, defining the initial damage state as basic state, the damage model of...

Authors: Liang Fan, Yu Zhen Zhang, Lin Wang

Abstract: For better understanding on adhesive ability and action mechanism of asphalt mortar, a series of mortar based on Zhong-hai asphalt were...

Authors: Shi Cai Cui, Xing Jun Lv, Jing Liu

Abstract: The portland cement clinker was successfully produced using pumice as the principal materials. Effects of different calcine temperature on...

Authors: Xiang Hao Wu, Li Zhen Bai, Cong Kai Zhang, Pan Yuan

Abstract: By evaporable water test and compressive strength test, this paper studies on the influence of lime dust on pore structure and compressive...

Authors: Yi Xin Wang, Xuan Wang, Zeng Ke Yang

Abstract: The magnetic water can increase the strength of concrete, which can infer that the impermeability of concrete has been improved. According...

Authors: Peng Ping Li, Jian Bo Xiong, Zhi Hong Fan

Abstract: The influence of stone dust content on chloride diffusion coefficient in C60 grade concrete were investigated by means of the natural...

Authors: Ai Ping Yu, Hai Bo Lu, Yan Lin Zhao, Ke Yu Wei

Abstract: Fick’s second law and its analytical solution were usually used for analysis of chloride diffusion in concrete. But discretization of the...

Authors: Yan Jun Hu, Yan Liang Du

Abstract: In this study, concrete prisms were made with three mineral admixtures: fly ash, blast furnace slag or silica fume and with three...


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