Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Dong, Wei Dong

Abstract: Urban open space which maintaining the diversity of the urban ecosystem, is an important structural element of the city. Urban development...

Authors: Ke Zhen Sun

Abstract: This article argues the problems of ecological strategies in the planning of pedestrian street system, and the main contents of ecological...

Authors: Yan Li, Kai Xie

Abstract: The public in China have a vague notion of architecture energy conservation, additionally the various and complex geographical position and...

Authors: Chao Ying Liu

Abstract: According to Xuanmei Yang and other scholars’ study, space heating and cooling together with water heating consist the majority of domestic...

Authors: Bao Jian Ji, Feng Hong, Wen Jing Ge, Wei Yang

Abstract: This paper presents a novel design for dual buck half bridge five-level inverter (DBHBFLI), which based on field-programmable gate array...

Authors: Tie Quan Ni, Shu Ying Wang, Hao Wang

Abstract: With the rapid development of new wall material in recent ten years, it is difficult to select the reasonable product. In order to guide the...

Authors: Hui Cheng, Jia Ping Liu, David Wang, Wei Zhou, Rong Rong Hu, Da Long Liu

Abstract: In the rapid urbanization of rural western China, a variety of long-standing housing typologies are being replaced with energy consuming...

Authors: Yan Qiu Cui, Rui Han Wei, Cai Ling Luo, Ji Kui Miao

Abstract: In order to quantify energy saving effect of existing building envelope reconstruction, the paper makes the envelope reconstruction project...

Authors: Xin Zhao

Abstract: environmental pollution and resource scarcity have become urgent problems for the whole society to solve. Therefore, in the construction...

Authors: Ying Jun Mei, Jin Hang Wu, Jian Hua Zheng

Abstract: The reutilization of waste concrete and fly ash produced by power plant is one way to develop green concrete. The addition of fly ash in...


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