Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Xiang Xu, Lan Chun Zhang

Abstract: Abstract. The dynamic behavior of structure subjected to local damage is investigated using conceptional removal methods recommended in the...

Authors: Ai Ping Tang, Ai Hua Wen, Li Hua Gai, Ru Hong Zhong

Abstract: This paper deals with an isolation design methods of buried segment pipeline for large ground displacement in earthquake. The buried...

Authors: Ju You Chang, Zhi Jun Liu

Abstract: With the development of high-speed railway, roadbed reinforcement of its use of high strength prestressed concrete pipe pile, and reflected...

Authors: Qian Rong Yang, Xiao Qian Wang, Hui Ji

Abstract: The strength, expansion and amount of scaling of concrete with compound mineral admixture (CMA) from steel slag, granulated blast furnace...

Authors: Yan He Li, Sheng Yuan Ren, Bo Yi

Abstract: In this paper, the concept of "the amount of bending reinforcement" is introduced, the unified formula of the calculation of flexural...

Authors: Hao Tang, Qi Guang Hu, Yan Yan Xu, Yang Hong Yang

Abstract: By analyzing the reuse ways of the reclaimed materials in BedZED project, the article concludes that operability and economic costs of...

Authors: Hong Wei Liu, Song Lin Xia, Jin Zhao, Sheng Sheng Zhu

Abstract: By Discussing the characteristic of dynamic compaction and principium simply, in order to advance the effcct of improvement of dynamic...

Authors: Jae Ho Lee, Hong Guan, Yew Chaye Loo, Michael Blumenstein, Xin Ping Wang

Abstract: Efficient use of public funds for structural integrity of bridge networks requires an effective bridge asset management technology. To...

Authors: Hui Wu Yang

Abstract: With the social and economic transformation, China's urban residential space has become more evident on differentiation between rich and...

Authors: Yu Yin Zhao, Ping Bai, Xin Hua Liu

Abstract: Traditionally, the computer method of delineation requires to establish ore block model. The block-by-section scanning operation is slow,...


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