Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: D.S. Liu, Chun Hua Ju, Hao Tian

Abstract: Existing enterprises information systems seldom take different requirement tendency of different personnel into consideration. The idea of...

Authors: Yan He, Fei Liu, Qi Feng Wang

Abstract: The interest in environmentally conscious manufacturing has increased due to the goal of reducing environmental impacts and resource...

Authors: You Dong Yang, Wei Qing Guo, Xia Xia Hu

Abstract: Aim at complex relationships among design tasks after task grouping for the collaborative product design process scheduling, the constraint...

Authors: Feng Zhao, Hao Zhong Yang, Ting Wang, Xiao Xia Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a new thought on combination of the construction of emergency shelter facility and general civic public space facility is...

Authors: Yong Deng, Xiao Yan Su, Wen Jiang

Abstract: Selecting a plant location can be seen as a multiple-criteria decision-making (MCDM) problem. In this paper, a new decision model based on...

Authors: Fang Qi Cheng

Abstract: Horizontal manufacturing collaborative alliance is a dispersed enterprise community consisting of several enterprises which produce the same...

Authors: Xiao Bing He, Fie Liu, Yan He, Chun Ping Yan

Abstract: Enterprise Digitalization depends to a large extent on models of enterprise process built for design and analysis. From the perspectives of...

Authors: Wen Yu Pu, Yan Nian Rui, Lian Sheng Zhao, Chun Yan Zhang

Abstract: Appropriate selecting of process parameters influences the machining quality greatly. For honing, the main factors are product precision,...

Authors: Yun Fei Zhong, Xiao Qi Peng, Xi Yu Xiao, Qiao Li Zhang, Qian Kun Cheng

Abstract: Job definition format (JDF) can carry out management and control during the whole printing processes while enterprise resources planning...

Authors: Yi Xie

Abstract: Workflow simulation plays an important role in successful implementation of workflow management. However, workflow simulation usually...


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