Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B. Wang, Xian Li Liu, Cai Xu Yue, J.C. Du, L. Xu, X.Q. Chen

Abstract: Integral production technology of impulse turbine runner effectively prevents phenomenon of bailer broken when generation unit working, and...

Authors: You Jun Wang, Fu Jia Wu, Fang Xie, Kai Yao, Zhong Ming Hou

Abstract: The thesis researched the relationship between green design and reconfigurable on NC machine tool, and expatiated that the development of...

Authors: Jun Qiang Wang, Cui Lin Zhang, Song Fei Zhang, Jian Chen

Abstract: Focused on medium and small sized logistics enterprise (MSLE) in China, the characteristics are analyzed and existing issues are addressed...

Authors: Li Li, Fei Liu, Jian Li, Yuan Yuan Wang

Abstract: Verisimilitude of 3D face modeling can be strongly enhanced by taking into account skin wrinkles. However, there are two difficulties to...

Authors: Shi Hong Feng

Abstract: Patterns have become a more effective way on the knowledge use of the HCI domain. These patterns are mainly oriented to different tasks,...

Authors: Fei Gao, Gang Xiao, Yuan Ming Zhang

Abstract: Although QFD is powerful for translating customer requirements to control parameters of product design and production process, how to...

Authors: Qun Wu, Shou Qian Sun, Zhan Xun Dong

Abstract: Customized product development is facing the challenges of maintaining mass producibility and exploring customer perception on target...

Authors: Hong Qi Luo, Xiao Hua Tang, Xiao Hong Shen, Xue Jun Nie, Xia Liu

Abstract: A kind of ridge-till and no-till wheat seeder was developed according to the agricultural requirement of mulching with high maize stubbles....

Authors: Xue Feng Li, Shu Yu Zhong

Abstract: With accumulating data in mine production, integration of the existing separate information systems is of great importance in enhancement of...

Authors: Fu Qian Shi, Jian Feng Wu, Xiao Dong He, Hai Ning Wang, Shou Qian Sun

Abstract: Due to the uncertainness and fuzziness of image evaluation on product form, many fuzzy multi-criteria decision making approaches are applied...


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