Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Rong Zhu, Hao Ping Zeng, Wen Ji Xu, Hong You Li

Abstract: Mechanical strength and service life of the coatings manufactured by plasma spray forming are significantly reduced by residual stresses. A...

Authors: Hong Gao, Jian Xiu Su

Abstract: Studying the surface characteristics of polishing pad helps to understand and analyze the chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) mechanism and...

Authors: Dong Liu, Hong Hai Xu, Chao Ying Zhang, Hong Juan Yan

Abstract: The Composites are difficult machining materials which widely used in aerospace industry due to their excellent mechanical properties. Tool...

Authors: Ju Dong Liu, Jie Zhen Zhuang, Xi Lin Zhang, Zhi Long Xu

Abstract: On the basis of the cylindrical grinding-hardening test, the influences of the grinding parameters on surface hardened layer were studied....

Authors: Hai Zhou, Li Gang Bai, Dai Pin Wang

Abstract: This paper proposed a new approach to control the micro-quality of sapphire substrate, in order to grow GaN on substrate. The main factors...

Authors: Ji Sheng Sheng, Dong Hui Wen, Shi Ming Ji

Abstract: Ceramic materials are widely used in the fields of aviation, chemical industry, military, machinery, electronics, so there are so many...

Authors: Yao Ming Li, Xing Quan Shen, Ai Ling Wang

Abstract: Magnetorheological Finishing(MRF) is an advanced optical manufacturing technology, It is a kind of deterministic process. It conquers the...

Authors: Zheng Min Yang, Hong Ping Hu, Yu Bin Gao

Abstract: Magnetorheological finishing technology is a new generation of high-precision optical accessory polishing and processing methods. It...

Authors: Li Qiang Zhang

Abstract: 5-axis milling operations are used in industries such as aerospace, automotive and mold for free-form surface machining. In these process,...

Authors: Huan Ya Cao, Li Hong Guo, Chun Chen

Abstract: In the process of high-speed cutting Ni-base superalloy, some precarious factors such as environment media, cutter wear and so on have great...


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