Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Wen Du, Yuan Zheng Yu

Abstract: With the rapid development of IC and photovoltaic industry, the requirements of larger-diameter, better productivity, higher machining...

Authors: Zhi Yi Miao, De Qing Yang, Hui Yu

Abstract: Machining of the variable pitch screw is difficult in mechanical manufacturing and that of variable pitch and depth screw is more...

Authors: Xian Li Liu, M. Liu, Hai Ying Han, W.T. Li, Jing Li Zhang

Abstract: According to the process characteristics of shell ring, the cutting parameters have been optimized by adopting appropriate boundary...

Authors: Xiu Lin Li, Jian Sha Lu, Guo Zhong Chai, Hong Tao Tang

Abstract: To deal with problem of manufacturing system stability caused by uncertain factors in discrete production process, holon was introduced to...

Authors: Kai Fu Zhang, Zhong Qiang Wang, Ping Liu, Yuan Li

Abstract: During the process of developing product, AO directly affects assembly efficiency and assembly quality for mechanical product. Usually, new...

Authors: Hua Ping Sun

Abstract: Industrial relocation is conducive to spatial production specialization in the age of information network and economic globalization....

Authors: Neng Min Wang, Zheng Wen He, Qiu Shuang Zhang, Lin Yan Sun

Abstract: Dynamic lot sizing problem for systems with bounded inventory and remanufacturing was addressed. The demand and return amounts are...

Authors: Bing Quan Wang, Zheng Wei Zhang

Abstract: The defects in gas-assisted injection molding are mainly caused by processing parameters improper adjustment. The model for artificial...

Authors: Fu Hong Zeng, Lan Hua Zhou

Abstract: In order to translate the Customer Needs (CN) for the specific product into the right Technical Requirements (TR), the structure of...

Authors: Yan Wei Zhao, J.L. Zhang, D.J. Peng

Abstract: Open vehicle routing problem is a kind of special vehicle routing problem, in which the vehicles do not return the depots after completing...


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