Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Yan Lou, Qian Fa Deng, Ju Long Yuan

Abstract: A three-dimensional hydrodynamic lubrication model for chemical-mechanical polishing is presented based on the Reynolds equation and...

Authors: Zhi Xin Li, Shi Ming Ji, Xun Lv, Si Chang Xiong, Shen Shun Ying, Yang Yu Wang

Abstract: The present work focuses on the numerical prediction of the manufacture quality of a sliding panel structure, in which the mobile components...

Authors: Hai Qing Du, Ji Bao Qi

Abstract: The efficiency of CNC machining is greatly influenced by the tool path. A new hybrid algorithm for tool path optimization in CNC...

Authors: Hai Bo Lin

Abstract: In ultra-precision cutting, grinding and non-traditional machining, it is difficult to balance long travel and high precision, especially in...

Authors: Shi Ming Ji, Guo Da Chen, Ming Sheng Jin, Li Zhang, Qiao Ling Yuan, Xian Zhang

Abstract: Application of magnetic abrasive to the field of finishing processes is increasingly popular and important. Magnetic abrasive finishing...

Authors: Jian Lin Wu, Wei Fang Wang, Peng Fei Gao, Dong Hui Wen

Abstract: This paper discussed the polishing characteristic of single crystal sapphire (0001) when using 100°C vapor as polishing liquid and cedar...

Authors: Bin Jiang, Min Li Zheng, Chang Xing Qi, Jia He

Abstract: High speed milling cutter is a representative cutter for high efficiency cutting, there is the indeterminacy induced by small sample and...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Liu, Mian Hao Zhang

Abstract: Nowadays NC cutting processing has become one of the basic methods of machine manufacture. However, the single precision has failed to meet...

Authors: Ji Tang Zhang, Ping Ying Guo, Chun Yue Lu

Abstract: It is important of the rapid manufacturing for metal function part in RP/M field at present. A novel LOM technology based on the large...

Authors: Li Zhang, Dong Hui Wen, Feng Qing Xiao, Zhen Hao Xu, Qiao Ling Yuan, Shi Ming Ji

Abstract: The fast development of SAW requests higher quality surface of CVD diamond films. Nowadays the mechanical lapping method is one important...


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