Engineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control

Volumes 171-172

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Wei Hou, Min Zhao, Ai Min Dong, Qiong Wu, Qiu Feng Li

Abstract: Frequency response character of ultrasonic transducer often influences on the test signal partly, and then test errors arise. To the...

Authors: Xiu He Lu, Yong Qiang Wei

Abstract: The methods of vector transform and PI controller are used in no-load cutting-in control scheme of the system of doubly fed induction wind...

Authors: Zhi Jian Hou, Jing Xin

Abstract: Based on a new type of sprayed liquid desiccant total heat recovery device, a liquid desiccant system combined refrigeration system with the...

Authors: Wen Jia Lu, Yi Wei, Yi Fan Zhao

Abstract: This paper introduces the hardware design of digital optical power meters and the algorithm flow.The power meter detector, with InGaAs-PIN...

Authors: Yan Ma, Qin Hai Ma, Hao Yu, Jin Jin Hao

Abstract: In this paper, we discussed the relationship between Quality of Work Life and employee outcomes in China. We used organizational commitment...

Authors: Hong Yuan Fu, Guan Wen Cheng, Guo Dan Lu, Wen Yuan Wei, Hao Wang, Teng Shu Chen

Abstract: The objective of this study was using methods of emergy theory to calculate the flow of emergy on eco-economic system in Liuzhou from 2004...

Authors: Wei Cai, Zhao Hui Wu, Huang Wang, Xiao Man Du

Abstract: Built environment is determined by outside climate condition. There are a lot of important factors that influence building energy...

Authors: He Jiang, Ze Bai, Guo Ling Liu, Xiu Mei Luan

Abstract: Research on negative association rule in multidimensional data mining is few. In this paper, an algorithm MPNAR is put forward to mine...

Authors: Min Hang Liu, Chu Tao Li

Abstract: This study took systematic science as key researching angle, which took folk sports as a gradually evolution active system, and regarding...

Authors: Ming Zhu Shangguan, Hui Juan Liu, Xin Xiao Song, Hong Lin Lv

Abstract: In this paper, the respective harmonic magnetic field generated by the two sets of stator windings of radial laminated magnetic-barrier...


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