Engineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control

Volumes 171-172

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Jun He, Yu Zhang, Yuan Yu

Abstract: Computer implementation of the models in solar energy engineering is very important. This paper summarized the models and realized them by...

Authors: Wen Zhong Xu, Yan Hua Cheng

Abstract: This paper carries the study on the optimization of the heat medium transportation velocity. Based on the analysis to the factor influencing...

Authors: Song Ping Mo, Ying Chen, Jie Ying Yang, Xiang Long Luo

Abstract: Carbon nanotube (CNT) nanofluids, with three sizes of CNTs (L-MWNT-1030, L-MWNT-4060, L-MWNT-60100) and different mass concentration (MC) of...

Authors: Jie Zhang, Ran Bai

Abstract: This paper presents a level measurement system of the frequency modulation continuous wave (FMCW) radar. The procedure is designed by...

Authors: Shu Ying Yang, Zhao Xia Liu

Abstract: Voltage regulation can be control after distributed generation (DG) into the distribution network. This paper deals with a voltage...

Authors: Lu Liu, Zhi Han Liu, Fang Chun Yang

Abstract: In order to ensure the privacy of user profile from disclosure when the users quit using the mobile social network service (MSNS) at...

Authors: Lin Qiu, Qiang Li

Abstract: The exergy utilization efficiency is the better reasonable to measure quantity and quality of thermal system then energy utilization...

Authors: Xiu Mei Zhang, Rui Ying Zhang, Quan Li

Abstract: The tubular electro-thermal component will produce thermal stress when water in the tube is heated by electricity, which is one of important...

Authors: Zheng You Liang, Yi Xuan Tang, Shuai Chang

Abstract: Streaming media is an important research direction in internet applications. In this paper, A Smallest Cache Utility algorithm based on...

Authors: Jia Fang Song

Abstract: This paper introduces the application of the TAS simulation support software to determine the energy performance in between a full...


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