Engineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control

Volumes 171-172

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Jin Yu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the cost of urbanization, this paper constructs the econometric model for broad and narrow sense economic cost of...

Authors: Hui Zhou, Yong Yang

Abstract: This paper used input-output table and the energy consumption data by sector to estimate the effect of international trade on carbon...

Authors: Xiao Jun Li, Feng Ye

Abstract: Because of the limitations of network and hardware, early mobile CSCW platform is not used widely. With the continuing escalation of mobile...

Authors: Hui Zhang, Yi Chun Zhang

Abstract: In order to give a scientific evaluation for teachers’ IT-based teaching abilities, an index system and a set of quantitative analyzing...

Authors: Zhen Xia Lu, Yi Chun Zhang

Abstract: To co-construct and share OERs is a common goal of global for education fields. iTunes U is an open and free educational platform...

Authors: Jin Wang, Xin Lin Li, Shu Sheng Li

Abstract: In spring, autumn and winter, centralized air conditioning system frequently produces excessive cooling, if we use both air-energy saving...

Authors: Tong Zhao, Hou Ming Fan, Gui Lin Wang

Abstract: In the world today, science and technology in natural disasters forecasting is changing with each passing day and is built up to a rather...

Authors: Gui Sen Xu, Xue Zhi Tan

Abstract: Cluster-based topology is an energy-efficient topology control method in cognitive radio networks. The cluster head node depletes energy...

Authors: Hai Ying Wang, Song Tao Hu, Jia Ping Liu

Abstract: Solar water heating system is used to supply hot water all-year-round for a new dormitory building. Flat solar energy collectors are mounted...

Authors: Xu Quan Li, Min Jie Gu, Xi Liang Niu, Song Tao Hu

Abstract: Load characteristics of the residential district is different from public buildings, so residential district of soil source heat pump air...


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