Engineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control

Volumes 171-172

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang He Li, Ya Li Hou, Guo Yu Liu

Abstract: In order to meet the demands of high-quality talents raised by the nation, guide and inspire the college students’ hard thinking so as to...

Authors: Rui Liu, Ming Hu Jiang

Abstract: The image search engines have been effective tools to find pictures from the Internet. They provide a list of image items in response to a...

Authors: Dong Wei, Xian Feng Wei

Abstract: Texture mapping technique is realized by texture filtering. Mipmap mapping technique use square filter to pre-filter the texture. Generally...

Authors: Hui Pan, Wen Shang Xu, Xiu Jing Wang

Abstract: Nowadays,the theory and technology of speech recognition have made great progress,but in actual usage,they worked not very well.For some...

Authors: Qing Jiang Chen, Miao Chang

Abstract: Wavelet analysis has been a powerful tool for exploring and solving many complicated problems in natural science and engineering...

Authors: Yu Min Yu, Zong Sheng Sheng

Abstract: In this work, the notion of biorthogonal two-directional shortly supported wavelets with poly-scale is developed. A new method for designing...

Authors: Hong Lin Guo

Abstract: In this work, the notion of orthogonal nonseparable quarternary wavelet packs, which is the generalization of orthogonal univariate wavelet...

Authors: Zong Sheng Sheng, Yu Min Yu

Abstract: Wavelet analysis is nowadays a widely used tool in applied mathematics. The advantages of wavelet wraps and their promising features in...

Authors: Jing Yan Li

Abstract: According to the basic theory of rock mechanics, fluid mechanics in porous medium, geologic mechanics, calculated mechanics and fluid-solid...

Authors: Hai Rong Dong, Jian Suo Ma, Shao Ming Qi

Abstract: Solar radiation is an important factor effecting indoor thermal environment. External decorative materials of buildings have different...


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