Engineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control

Volumes 171-172

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lan Song, Li Xia Lei, Hong Wang, Jun Hong Hua

Abstract: As a new emerging web, semantic web, has recently drawn considerable attention from both academic and industry field. Nowadays, RDF, RDF...

Authors: Yan Hua Yu, Li Xia Song

Abstract: In this paper,we presents two methods to forecast secular trend and seasonal variation time series problems respectively. The revised fuzzy...

Authors: Li Xiang Duan, Lai Bin Zhang, Yang Meng

Abstract: The helath condition of rotor has been greatly concerned in rotating machinery. But for the lack of information, it is very difficult to...

Authors: Wei Cai, Zhao Hui Wu, Jian Yang, Qiang Zhang

Abstract: The effect of heat recovery ventilation on indoor temperature, carbon emissions and energy efficiency of variable refrigerant volume (VRV)...

Authors: Wen Hao Shu, Zhang Yan Xu, Shen Ruan

Abstract: At present, some scholars have provided the attribution reduction algorithms of incomplete decision table. The time complexity of many...

Authors: Wei Cai, Ke Jian Cai, Zhao Hui Wu

Abstract: Large-scale public buildings have high energy density, which take big part of the gross energy consumption in buildings in China. It is...

Authors: Guo Dan Liu, Fu Sheng Liu, Dan Meng, Xu Quan Li, Zhi Gang Shi, Gang Wang

Abstract: Heat transfer model of buried pipe heat exchanger is established first, and solved by the ANSYS finite element simulation software. Model is...

Authors: Xiao Bo Wang, Jin Ying Sun, Chun Yu Ren

Abstract: This paper studies multi-vehicle and multi-cargo loading problem under the limited loading capacity. Hybrid genetic simulated annealing...

Authors: Hong Cheng, Peng Kun Liu, Yu Ling Wang, Chang Xin Nai

Abstract: The dipole spacing can directly affects the detecting sensitivity and accuracy in the landfill leakage detection by the high voltage direct...

Authors: Wan Ming Liu, Li Hua Wang

Abstract: The soccer robot assembly system belongs to the intelligence robot assembly system, this article take the YSU soccer robot assembly system...


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