Engineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control

Volumes 171-172

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Liang Tan, Ze Zhang

Abstract: In order to quest an effective approach for predicate the rheologic deformation of sandstone based on some experimental data, an improved...

Authors: Jin Feng Wang, Li Jie Feng, Zhen Zhao, Hua Jie Yu

Abstract: This article analyzes the characteristics of underground coal mine production process, and compares underground coal mine production process...

Authors: Yi Yan Sheng, Wen Bo Liu

Abstract: Chaos computing is a new circuit design scheme of using chaos computing units to achieve reconfigurable logic gates. The computing unit can...

Authors: Dong Wei, Hong Bi Geng

Abstract: Building mountains as the basic model for illumination model in the system of 3DGIS visualization. The establishing of this model adopts the...

Authors: Xiao Li Liu, Zhi Ye Zhang

Abstract: The high rate of coal mine accident gives our country enormous economic loss, gives human heart heavy striking, and gives our country bad...

Authors: Zhuo Hui Xian, Shi Liang Sun

Abstract: Due to some features of images, traditional encryption algorithms are not suitable for practical image encryption. Considering this problem,...

Authors: Dong Qing Xie, Chun Ming Tang

Abstract: A secure electronic protocol, which can be used for electronic voting and electronic bidding, is proposed. The protocol is based on a new...

Authors: Hong Jun Yin, Ming Cai, Xiao Qi Chen, Hang Lv

Abstract: According to the characteristics of multilateral horizontal well, by using pressure superposition and mirror image reflection theory, the...

Authors: Tian Ying Jiang

Abstract: The paper put forward a three-dimensional model of organizational learning in private enterprises, including organization system, private...

Authors: Hong Bin Zhao, Xu Liu

Abstract: The simulation and analyses of a “bottoming cycle” solid oxide fuel cell–gas turbine (SOFC–GT) hybrid system at the standard atmospheric...


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