Engineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control

Volumes 171-172

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Na Li, Hai Biao Liu, Jun Li Huang

Abstract: The conventional biological treatment technology is inefficiently for coking wastewater. It is meaningful to study the advanced treatment...

Authors: Hong Wei Cui

Abstract: This paper is a comparative analysis, which mainly compares two education development level indicators of Average Years of Education (AYE)...

Authors: Xin Yu Li, Jie Xu, Cao Gu, Long Liu

Abstract: This paper presents our recent research results about a solar-low temperature waste electric power generation system based on Organic...

Authors: Shi Long Wang, Yu Ru Xu, Lei Wan, Xu Dong Tang

Abstract: in the complex underwater environment, underwater images are taken by special underwater CCD camera and its S/N is low and the edge is...

Authors: Fu Lei Zhang

Abstract: The Chinese government is pursuing e-learning policies which makes job-training with a knowledge-based society. To explain more fully the...

Authors: Xu Wei

Abstract: With the evolution of information technology, E-learning has spread rapidly. Traditional E-learning has proved not fit requirement of modern...

Authors: Ji Ping Liu, Bo Wang

Abstract: This paper develops a new error concealment algorithm for the whole-frame losses in wireless video transmission based on H.264/AVC.At...

Authors: Qin Wang, Wei Fan

Abstract: This paper proposed a particle swarm algorithm based algorithm for the extraction of the classification association rules, and use the...

Authors: G. Poonkuzhali, R. Kishore Kumar, R. Kripa Keshav, P. Sudhakar, K. Sarukesi

Abstract: The enrichment of internet has resulted in the flooding of abundant information on WWW with more replicas. As the duplicated web pages...

Authors: Zhi Gang Cheng, Guang Zhou Fan

Abstract: Based on high resolution dynamic downscaling meteorological forcing data, climate change of Tibetan Plateau and possible trends in runoff of...


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