Environmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering

Volumes 183-185

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.183-185

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Authors: Shi Rong Guo, Ling Yu Sun, Wei Wei Chen

Abstract: A kind of intelligent materials named magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) is applied on the surface of a rotating plate to avoid resonance...

Authors: Guang Zhang, Yan Guo Shi, Bing Yu Sun

Abstract: The SPI was applied in food industry widely, but the component which could affect the functionalities and it may change during storage. The...

Authors: Chang Hai Du, Yong Zhao, De Sun

Abstract: The Co-promoted Ni-B amorphous nanoalloy catalysts were prepared by the chemical reduction of the aqueous solution containing nickel acetate...

Authors: De Hui Sun, De Xin Sun, Ming Xing Han

Abstract: In present work, we synthesized monodisperse Fe3O4 microsphere using a free-surfactant solvothermal reduction route...

Authors: Wen Xia Wang, Jin Xin Tian, Xiao Ming Li

Abstract: With the speeding urbanization process in China, the amount of floating population increases at an unprecedented speed. How to solve the...

Authors: Shao Hua Jia, Yu Bin Ji

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect and its mechanism of esculetin on human gastric carcinoma SGC-7901 cells, the effect of esculetin on...

Authors: Xin Yi Xu, Mei Liu, Feng Wang

Abstract: As the largest freshwater lake in north China, Baiyangdian Wetland plays an important role in ecological balance of the north China plain....

Authors: Xiao Li Wang, Chen Wu, Jia Qi Zhang, Qiang Long Chi, Si Si Tian

Abstract: In this paper, it has been studied the acclimation stage of a synthetic wastewater fed with glucose as a carbon source, using a tow-chambers...


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