Environmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering

Volumes 183-185

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.183-185

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Authors: Jia Zhong Xu, Bin Kui Nie, Ming Qiao

Abstract: At present, only the temperature of external surface of the filament wound composite and the core mode can be detected in the curing process...

Authors: Fu Tao Guo, Hai Qing Hu, Long Sun, Zhi Hai Ma

Abstract: The spatial pattern of forest fire locations is of interest for fire occurrence prediction. A spatial statistical analysis of...

Authors: Yan Gang He, Jia Xi Wang, Xin Huan Niu, Xiao Wei Gan, Rui Shi, Ming Sun, Bai Mei Tan, Yu Ling Liu

Abstract: Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) of Cu pattern wafer based alkaline Cu slurry in GLSI was investigated. The performance of Cu removal...

Authors: Song Yuan Ni, Hua Dong Xu, Li Hai Wang

Abstract: This study preliminarily discussed a new method to identify the location and size of internal wood defects using experimental modal analysis...

Authors: Bai Mei Tan, Xin Huan Niu, Yan Gang He, Bao Hong Gao, Yu Ling Liu

Abstract: Along with the feature size reducing and the increase of integration level rapidly in ULSI,the request for metal impurities contamination on...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Yi Long Zhou, Hong Yuan Zhu, Qing Wen Wang

Abstract: In order to analyze the possibility of ultrasonic welding of wood-plastic composites, wood-flour(WF)/ polypropylene(PP) composite was...

Authors: Wei Hong Wang, Zheng Ming Zhang, Qing Wen Wang, Yong Zhi Cui

Abstract: Authors discussed the effect of organic and inorganic dyes on the properties of wood fiber/HDPE (WF/HDPE) composite. Iron oxide red, iron...

Authors: Ling Ling Zhang, Su Qin Li, Xiao Ming Liu, Da Qiang Cang, Yu Long Ding

Abstract: Nanofluids are liquids containing nanoparticles, nanotube or nanowire suspensions. This work investigates the disinfection properties of ZnO...

Authors: Yong Li Jiang, Hai Juan Wang, Ping Ning, Hong Bin Wang

Abstract: Using pot experiment, the total arsenic absorbed by Pteris vittata L.from gold roe collected from Guizhou Xingren gold mine was...

Authors: Ding Xin Leng, Ling Yu Sun, Da Yong Hu, Yi Lin

Abstract: To explore the dynamic impact fracture behavior of nanoparticle-reinforced composites, a bottom-up numerical method was proposed and...


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