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Authors: Jie Zhang, Yong Qiang Liu, Jing Ren, Bin Song Wang, Min Zhao
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The optimal conditions of immobilization were obtained: the optimization of crosslinking agent concentration 10%, crosslinking time 2...
Authors: Zheng Jin, Kai Zhao, Gang Chen, Xu Zhang
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Chitosan has the potential to act as mediators of DNA transfection targeted to phagocytic cells such as macrophages, and to protect against...
Authors: Li Wei Xu, Y.D Huang, Li Liu
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The effect of physical properties on the interfacial adhesion properties of fiber reinforced nylon66 composites have been investigated in...
Authors: Xin Gong Li, Hui Li, Fang Cheng, Zhuo Tong
Materials Engineering
Abstract:In the research, old newspaper recycling fiber-reinforced polylactic acid composites were produced by using injection molding technology. The...
Authors: Yi Chin Huang, Shin Hao Yang, Chin Hsiang Luo, Yi Chang Lin, Cheng Ping Jimmy Chuang, Wei Fang, Chi Yu Chuang
Materials Engineering
Abstract:This work aims to remove virus bioaerosol by using carbon nanotube corona discharge plasma technology. The λ virus bioaerosols are generated...
Authors: Hui Wang, Yan Ma, Chang Qing Ren, Ning Li
Materials Engineering
Abstract:It makes a brief description of the transportation machine providing disaster relief. The paper makes a deep analysis and founds a scheme on...
Authors: Long Sun, Ya Nan Zhang, Hai Qing Hu
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Based on remote sensing and field measured data, this paper discussed the effectiveness of selecting optimal variables with a cross-variable...
Authors: Jia Zhong Xu, Ming Qiao, Li Yong Zhang, Dan Liu
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Multi-axis winding machine can realize automatic winding of composite elbow, but its mechanical structure and control system is complex,...
Authors: Ying Wei Wang, Yu Fei Li, Pei Han Yang
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Nonmetal (S, P) doped titania nanoparticles were synthesized by a one step hydrothermal method. These samples were calcined with different...
Authors: Hai Ying Liu, Ji You Gu, Ming Wei Di
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Polyvinyl acetate(PVAc)hybrid emulsions with nanoparticles SiO2 were prepared by the semi-continuous seeding emulsion...
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