Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Guo, Lin Hua, Hua Jie Mao

Abstract: This paper deals with minimizing warpage and sink mark depth in injection-molded thermoplastics components. Automobile glove box housing...

Authors: Zhi Geng Fan, Chang Qing Chen, Wen Jun Hu, Wei Niu, Xue Mei Zhang

Abstract: Two-dimensional (2D) random cell models composed of circular cells with different sizes are developed to simulate the microstructure of...

Authors: Min Wang

Abstract: For ring rolling without axial rolls, how to effectively suppress axial spread has become an important subject. In the paper, a reliable...

Authors: Xin Zhao, Yan Wei Sui, Ai Hui Liu, Fei Fei Wang, Zhi Sun, Zhi Jiang Hao

Abstract: Using the method of numerical simulation and the AnyCasting software, the simulation for SDAS of Al-Mg alloy wheels for low pressure casting...

Authors: Xian Zhang Shi, Ming Huang, Zhen Feng Zhao, Chang Yu Shen

Abstract: Viscosity takes an important role in filling simulation in injection molding. This paper presents a computational approach to estimate the 7...

Authors: Feng Tao Wang, Lu Tao Song, Bin Zhang

Abstract: Increasing the machining precision of machine tools has imposed higher demands for dynamic characteristics of the key components. Taking the...

Authors: Yu Liu, Li Jun Wang, Dong Po Wang

Abstract: Ultrasonic surface rolling processing (USRP) is a surface nanocrystallization method developed recently, which can bring metal surface with...

Authors: Shi Min Geng, Jun Wang

Abstract: The thin-walled cavity workpiece with insufficient rigid property is liable to deform during the machining process and the request of...

Authors: Ming Huang, Chun Tai Liu, Zhen Feng Zhao, Chang Yu Shen

Abstract: For the large and complicated injection mold, the deformation of mold is one of the important factors to affect the plastic part quality and...

Authors: Hai Dong Yan, De Jian Zhou, Qiang Zhao

Abstract: Solder reliability assessments for stacked CSP module based on flexible printed circuit board (FPC) are performed in this research using a...


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