Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Heng Zhang, Xiao Ming Qian, Zhi Min Lu, Yuan Bai

Abstract: The functions of hydroentangled nonwovens are determined by the degree of the fiber entanglement, which depend mainly on parameters of the...

Authors: Chang Lin He, Si Rong Zhu, Xiao Yu Zhang

Abstract: Based on the piezoresistive function character and the conductivity of carbon fiber smart layer (CFSL), a novel electrical resistance...

Authors: Jian Xiong Chen, Shu Wen Lin

Abstract: In this paper, the jerk-limited feedrate planning is used to adaptively change feedrate with consideration of machine dynamics in the...

Authors: Ling Li Meng, Yan Qun Huang, Ming Liu

Abstract: Since it is inconsistent and uncontrollable in the experiment, any variance in specimen dimensions, welding parameters and testing...

Authors: Xiao Fei Ma

Abstract: Based on cellular automata, a model of simulating grain growth is established to study the effects of the second phase particle’s size and...

Authors: Xiao Ping Huang, Ding Zhang

Abstract: For better understanding the expansion order effect on the residual contact pressure between tube and tubesheet, numerical simulations of...

Authors: Du Jou Huang, Fang Tsung Liu, Shang Jen Chuang, Huang Chu Huang, Rey Chue Hwang

Abstract: In this paper, the chromatic aberration estimator of touch panel (TP) decoration film by using neural network is presented. Through the...

Authors: Gang Han, Song Lei Wang

Abstract: In the paper, it analyzed the influence of gear stress for different design parameters of modified internal gear with ANSYS software. Though...

Authors: Kui Hua Geng, Meng Tang, Ai Nong Geng, Hong Dong Yu, Hai Ying Qin

Abstract: By using virtual prototype technology, a model of Embedded Vane Rotary Compressor has been established for motion simulation. Based on...

Authors: Mao Liang Wu

Abstract: The paper discusses CAD design on the pores created with simple units such as cylinder, whose structures are determined by unit space array...


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