Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Feng Yuan, Wu Yi Chen, Dong Liu

Abstract: A new simple methodology to determine the flow stress of material is presented and Johnson–Cook (JC) constitutive model of titanium alloy...

Authors: Yong Tao Fan, Zhi Qiang Huang, De Li Gao, Qin Li, Hai Yan Zhu

Abstract: To reveal the mechanism of the impactor-bit-rock interaction in geophysical prospecting percussion drilling, considering the coupling effect...

Authors: Wen Hua Jia, Chen Bo Yin, Guo Jin Jiang

Abstract: Flow features, specially, flow rate, discharge coefficient and efflux angle under different operating conditions are numerically simulated,...

Authors: Li Gong Sun, Chao Meng, Qing Duan Meng

Abstract: Based on viscoplastic Anand’s model, the structural stress of 8×8 InSb array detector with underfill dependent on indium bump sizes is...

Authors: Zhong Lin Hou, Ting Li, Jun Qiao, Sheng Li Li

Abstract: The heat transfer coefficient between the alloys and cooling water is affected by a lot of factors and hard to measure, a new method was...

Authors: Rui Zhang, Zhi Ping Tang

Abstract: In order to accurately analyze the dynamic damage process of three-point-bending concrete beam with offset notch, the multiscale numerical...

Authors: Hong Chang Qu, Ling Ling Chen, Sheng Li Zhang

Abstract: A linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM) approach to the debonding analysis of concrete beams strengthened with externally bonded...

Authors: Jian Li, Yong Chang Luo, Xiao Fan Nie

Abstract: To reduce the ladder axis machining error, in this paper, the finish turning of a machine tool spindle and the rough turning process is...

Authors: Jie Chen, Xiu Mei Yang

Abstract: Synchronizing ring, an important component of automotive synchronizer, uses the friction torque generated on its conical surface to...

Authors: Da Sen Bi, Guang Yang, Liang Chu, Jian Zhang

Abstract: Spinning is the main process of making the tubeless steel wheel, which is a key factor to the outline dimension and use performance. It...


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