Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Gang Wang, Xue Jiang Liu, Hai Sheng Liu

Abstract: It is difficult to get an engineering accuracy answer of bending deflection for the profiled bar roller straightening according to...

Authors: Wen Ming Cheng, Gang Li

Abstract: In addition to the traditional test methods, numerical simulation the combustion process of internal combustion engine based on experiment,...

Authors: Zhi Qing Hu, Ji Zhao, Yu Shan Deng, Hao Han Zhang

Abstract: In this study, the principle of the stretch forming combined with roll forming(SRF) is proposed, to present the availability of this...

Authors: Chun Tian Li, Chang Hua Du, Yi Luo, Hui Bin Xu

Abstract: It is based on the comprehensive analysis of welding circuit for GMAW arc power, a system model, through power, cable, wire, droplet and...

Authors: Tian Fei Ma, Guo Qi Liu, Wen Gang Yang, Jian Bin Yu

Abstract: According to tundish for thin slab caster in a steel factory, 1:3 water modeling and numerical simulation were established. By measuring...

Authors: Zhi Zhu, Li Wen Zhang, Guan Yu Song, Dong Jiang Wu

Abstract: In this paper, a two-dimensional nonlinear thermo-mechanical coupled finite element model was developed to simulate the vacuum hot bulge...

Authors: Qian Wang, Zhi Peng Li, Wei Jia Chen, Tao Peng

Abstract: This paper uses MATLAB Simlink module to simulate road spectrum of the blueberries farmland where blueberry harvesters are running, and gets...

Authors: Jin Zong Xiang, Yin Zhang, Wen Jun Fan, You Duo He

Abstract: A three-dimensional mathematical model of growth, integrated with a new and effective algorithm for visibility checking, has been...

Authors: Lei Chen

Abstract: In deep drawing process, the experimental approach to obtain proper die-face design is not only expensive, but also requires much time and...

Authors: Qiang Song Wang, Zhuo Fei Song, Zai Qiang Feng, Zi Dong Wang

Abstract: In-situ iron nanoparticles can be formed during copper alloy solidification. Here we consider...


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