Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Jiang Liu, Hai Sheng Liu, Jing Liu, Hui Gang Wang

Abstract: The plate’s mechanical behavior of three-roller plate bending machine had been analyzed in case of upper roller feeding based on ANSYS....

Authors: Ya Qiong Deng, Jin Gang Wang, Yi Wen, Shuang Zhao, Li Li Dai

Abstract: Taking an aluminum tank semitrailer as an example, this essay aim to analyze the strength and stiffness of the tank semitrailer and obtain...

Authors: Liang Ju Tian, Yan Qun Huang, Ming Liu

Abstract: On the basis of thermal error experiment in CNC, the paper reaches a conclusion that at different sampling time, the thermal error model is...

Authors: Jun Ma

Abstract: The district collaborative design is an advanced design organization mode. The problem of definition and expression of correlation in...

Authors: Huai Wen Wang, Hong Wei Ji, Ying Sun, Hui Miao

Abstract: As a universal finite element method commercial software, ABAQUS has been widely used in scientific research and engineering applications....

Authors: Xing Jun Gao, Ping Zou, Qing Liu, Hong He Gao

Abstract: The key geometrical parameters of twist drills that had a great effect on the drilling performance of stainless steel were studied by Pro/E...

Authors: Jie Jin, Xin Bai, Fang Yin Ning

Abstract: Based on the continuum theory, combined with the characteristics of metal injection molding, constructs assumptions and control equation in...

Authors: You Xi Lin, Cong Ming Yan

Abstract: A three dimensional fully thermal-mechanical coupled finite element model had been presented to simulate and analyze the cutting temperature...

Authors: Wu Zhao, De Jie Chen

Abstract: Fatigue failure is the most common failure mode of boring bar in the deep-hole boring processing system. For solving the problem of fatigue...

Authors: Chun Yue Huang, Tian Ming Li, Ying Liang, He Geng Wei

Abstract: In the thermal design of embedded multi-chip module (MCM), the placement of chips has a significant effect on temperature field...


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