Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xing Hui Han, Lin Hua

Abstract: Cold rotary forging is an advanced but very complex incremental metal forming technology with multi-factors coupling interactive effects....

Authors: Xiao Kai Wang, Lin Hua, Chun Dong Zhu

Abstract: This paper firstly analyzes the features of the spring-loaded type guide mechanism of D51 series vertical ring rolling mill. Then a reliable...

Authors: Yong Shao, Ping Yi Guo, Zhi An Liu, Zhao Yu Zhou, Wei Cai

Abstract: During the preform design of blade body, the final forging process for blade body with different transverse cross section shapes coupled...

Authors: Shun Hu Zhang, Cai Ru Gao, Hui Liang Wu, An Yang Wang, De Wen Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, single-pass compression test of P20 steel was carried out using thermal simulation and the experimental curves of deformation...

Authors: Hua Ying Wu, Chen Guo, Chun Hui Xiao

Abstract: The process factors influencing the forming quality of car inner door panel such as stamping direction, binder surface, draw-bead, addendum...

Authors: Jian Hua Jiang, Bu Yun Sheng, Li Xiong Gong, Ming Zhong Yang

Abstract: To solve the order task allocation in Dynamic Virtual Enterprise (DVE), a multi-goal decision-making model was constructed. As to the model,...

Authors: Zhao Hua Wu

Abstract: In this paper, taking workshop scheduling of SMT product manufacture system for object, the conception of resource cost is incorporated with...

Authors: Hai Hua Wu, Zi Fan Fang

Abstract: In this paper, an indirect solid freeform fabrication (ISFF) process was developed to rapidly fabricate ceramic casting molds by combining...

Authors: Jie Zhou, Xiao Tao Gong, Xiao Bing Yang, Wu Jiao Xu

Abstract: Based on the platform ABAQUS, 3-D FEA model for ring rolling has been constructed to investigate the effect of drive roll rotation speed on...

Authors: Hai Yan Li, Lian Sheng Wang, Xu Dong Liu

Abstract: Submarine is an important part of modern military power, and communication with submarine is a key problem which needs solving. Blue-green...


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