Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Zhong Du, Wei Luo, Ru Min Wang

Abstract: Layered double hydroxides (LDHs), consist of cationic brucite-like layers and exchangeable interlayer anions. In this thesis LDHs consist of...

Authors: Sheng Ching Wang, Chiou Lin Liou, Hsi Hsun Tsai

Abstract: Thin film based passive optical components assembled with a stainless steel tube via soldering is investigated under a packaging procedure....

Authors: Guo Fa Mi, Cui Fen Dong, Chang Yun Li, Hai Yan Wang

Abstract: Cast, sub-rapidly solidified and rapidly solidified Al-5Fe alloy and Al-5Fe-3Y alloy were respectively prepared by vacuum melting, suction...

Authors: Xiu Fen Zhang, Shu You Zhang, Le Miao Qiu, Xiang Hua An, Ri Na Sa

Abstract: The varying target component virtual disassembly simulation technology is presented to support the disassembly analysis and feedback in...

Authors: Jin Xiang Wang, Xiao Li Zhang, Nan Zhou, Zheng Zhao

Abstract: In this paper the metallic glass particles reinforced aluminium matrix composites without obvious defects were obtained successfully by...

Authors: Dong Lei Liu, Chang Yu Shen, Chun Tai Liu, Yong Xin, Ling Sun

Abstract: In order to further investigate the influence of mold temperature in rapid heat cycle molding on shrinkage of plastic past, a self-developed...

Authors: Xin Hua Mao, Zhi Gang Hu, Ting Ting Huang

Abstract: Because of its low stiffness and intensity structural features, thin-walled parts affected by milling force, easily produce deformation and...

Authors: Cai Ru Gao, Shun Hu Zhang, An Yang Wang, De Wen Zhao

Abstract: Based on the cutting and polishing comparison experiments, the machinability and polishing performance of 1CrMn2MoVTiB non-quenched and...

Authors: Yong Shao, Ji Zhou, Ping Yi Guo

Abstract: For forging die fracture behaviors during the actual forging process of compactor grinding tooth, the fully forging process has been...

Authors: Xi Ning Li, L.X. Liu, J.P. Wang, C.Y. Jiang, Z.Q. Wang

Abstract: Blanker holder force (BHF) is one of the important parameters in sheet metal forming process, which is loaded by blanker holder in order to...


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