Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Fa Yang, Cong Qiang Wu, Feng Jun Chen

Abstract: A new method of determining the coefficient of friction (COF) in expansion zone of tube hydroforming (THF) is proposed. The measuring method...

Authors: Ming Zhu Zhang, Hong Tao Li, Hai Tao Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a new test method for friction performance of wind turbine pitch bearing. Four loading devices are used to put...

Authors: Zhi Hao Ma, Xiao Lei Dong, Bing Yun

Abstract: The paper focuses on the research of using the coupled thermo mechanical analysis method of rigid viscoplastic finite element and the...

Authors: Jun Ying Yang, Bao Yun Song, Hai Shi Ning, Rong Fu

Abstract: It is widely known that the continuous extrusion forming (CONFORM) process can produce ultra-long seamless products of various...

Authors: Hai Ming Huang, Qian Wu Song, Chun Lian Xu

Abstract: Struvite (MgNH4PO4∙6H2O) is an insoluble double salt. It can precipitate in places such as pipes, aerators and pumps, which could lead to...

Authors: Hai Wang

Abstract: Mining from the equipment/technology process historical data can find diagnosis knowledge. Real-time analysis and evaluation on the status...

Authors: Hong Lin Li, Ting Xiao Tang

Abstract: High-speed sheet metal stamping is popular because it is economical and quick means of producing intricate, accurate and durable components...

Authors: Hai Wang

Abstract: Paper analyzed diagnosis technologies that were applied to manufacturing equipment, and researched the unidirectional mesh data structure of...

Authors: Abdol Hamid Gorji, M. Bakhshi, S. Nourouzi, S.J. Hosseinipour, G. Mohammad-Alinejad

Abstract: Forming conical parts is one of the complex and difficult fields in sheet metal forming processes; because of the low contact area of the...

Authors: Hong Qi Ni, Jin Ping Zhang, Shuqiang Wang

Abstract: Super steel has the same chemical composition as plain carbon steel, but its yield strength is higher than plain carbon steel because it has...


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